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Maintaining Your Roof

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Maintaining Your Roof

Having roof maintenance is important for extending your roof’s life. Neglect, ignorance, or ignoring your roof when it has a serious issue like rot, mold, or leaking will only exacerbate it. For roofing maintenance help in Cedar Park, TX, call the roofers at TAG ROOFING & EXTERIORS at (866) 628-9508 today.


How Often Do You Need to Clean Your Roof?

Roofing professionals recommend cleaning your roof every 18 to 36 months. Too often and you can wear thin your shingles and cause them to break off. The easiest form of roof cleaning is using a pressure cleaner, which blasts controlled water onto your home to thoroughly rid your roof of debris. This saves you from the backbreaking work that scrubbing would cause that wouldn’t remove anything. Plus, scrubbing your roof could actually do more harm than good, because the continuous back-and-forth motion can lift shingles and tile. This can create gaps between the decking and roofing material and allow water to pool, creating cesspools of mold and other bacteria. There are many roof cleaning services available you can call to get someone to clean your roof every year or so. This is an easy form of roofing maintenance that will not only help your home look nicer but prevent the growth of mold.

How Often Do You Need a Roof Inspection?

home roofing inspection is needed once a year to check for any signs of damage. Even minor rainstorms can uplift shingles, but major hailstorms do the most damage, denting your roof and creating holes where water leaks through. When you get a home roofing inspection, a roofer expertly looks for signs of damage, reports them back to you, and then you can choose to repair them. Getting minor damages repaired quickly and cheaply will save you tons of money later when you have to shell out thousands of dollars for a replacement roof. A roof inspection is a vital part of your roofing maintenance responsibility as a homeowner.

Get Professional Maintenance Services

For all your roofing maintenance needs in Cedar Park, TX, call the roofers at TAG ROOFING & EXTERIORS at (866) 628-9508 today. We can help you with inspections, roof cleaning, repairs, and more! Keep your roof for as long as you can.


Cleaning and Inspecting Your Roof Annually Are Great Uses of Roofing Maintenance

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