Commercial Storm Restoration Services

At TAG Roofing and Exteriors, we understand it is a critical priority to minimize damage to your facilities, products, and equipment caused by harsh or unexpected weather conditions.

We are experienced in commercial building roof restoration and emergency storm restoration, which means we are prepared to provide fast, skilled and professional assistance, including these typical fixes:

Another common commercial storm restoration roof application after a hail or windstorm is a retro-fit roof. Using the existing secure substrate, this type of installation delivers a completely new look to your building, without removing the old roofing material. This technique can be accomplished on both commercial and industrial roofs for storm restoration.

The retro-fit roof process involves:

  • detaching everything not currently needed or used on the existing roof (such as outdated antenna’s/satellite dishes, condensing units or even up blast air ventilators)
  • installing the retrofit roofing material to create a new workable substrate
  • finishing with the new roofing system

The result is a brand-new retro-fit roof that sheds water and will last for decades.

TAG Roofing and Exteriors has longstanding relationships with our manufacturers, which allows us to offer property owners a no dollar limit (NDL) manufacturer warranty.

Our technicians are also qualified and prepared to assist you with filing insurance claims related to storm damage on commercial storm restoration.


“Excellent experience with TAG Roofing replacing my hail damaged roof. Garth came out and did an honest assessment of my options, working with the insurer. Re-roofing accomplished on time and without incident. Went with upgraded hail-resistant shingles to save money in the long run due to insurance discount for hail-rated shingles. In what seems to be an industry full of fly-by-night companies, Garth and TAG stand out as quality, honest roofers who treat customers with respect. Highly recommended."

 Greg Effrein

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