Tile Roofing System

TAG Roofing & Exteriors offers commercial tile roofing systems with a distinctive Southwest, Italian or Spanish style to your home.  Tile is a natural, porous material that is fire resistant, wind, rot, and insect resistant and provides a traditional style with long-lasting beauty. However, overtime due to drying winds and excessive heat in Texas tile roofs can become brittle resulting in cracking or breaking. Broken or cracked tiles allows water seepage which will eventually damage the underlayment of your roof.



The individual tiles are made of either clay, concrete and composite materials. Each is molded into either curved barrel vault shapes, flat cedar shake shapes or a classic shingle look that interlock into place during installation to reinforce its strength. Each tile has its own unique appearance and color for your desired design.

Clay tiles tend to be more colorfast with a lifespan of 100 years. Concrete tiles are a more affordable option and last around 50 years.

Both clay and concrete come in a large variety of styles, colors, and finishes.

TAG Roofing & Exteriors provides residential tile repair and service if you are experiencing issues with your current tile roofing system.

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