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Brian was fantastic to work with! We started getting estimates on our roof quite some time ago.  One company that came out told us not to bother filing with our insurance as they wouldn't pay. Brian told us we should definitely file and even offered to meet our insurance company as they reviewed our claim.  He did and sure enough, our roof was covered.  Due to several circumstances beyond our control, we had to wait to actually get the roof done. When we called Brian to say we had to wait, he was very respectful and understanding….no high-pressure sales here!!  When we were finally ready, there was no question who we would choose. Not only did he take care of our roof, but we also had them do my Mother's roof.  She had some inside damage and they even fixed that.  They did a great job and cleaned up after. We were so glad to get to work with Brian and highly recommend him to anyone looking to get their roof fixed.  Thanks, Brian!

-Cassandra Marx

My experience with TAG Roofing was excellent. Before accepting the job Brian with TAG was out here to patch a leak in my roof until I could decide if I was going to accept their services or not. I decided to go with  TAG Roofing based on quality workmanship. Although I could have save money by going elsewhere I am not in the habit of accepting the lowest bid. I go for quality work and stable business that will be around should I need to follow up. TAG Roofing has both qualities and good customer service too. Brian followed up to make sure I was happy and made a repair to a loose heating pipe as well on the post work inspection. Payment both before, during and after was effortless because TAG Roofing did most of the paperwork. I just had to sign documents and checks. The rest was taken care of quickly and professionally. I highly recommend for stress free roofing replacement and repair.

-Eric Sanchez

Tag Roofing, especially Brian were very supportive and helpful during the roofing process. The crews came out and were very professional and Brian was very helpful in arranging an electrician to come out and fix some issues.  The work was done quickly and we now have a great roof. Where the company shines however, is how they assisted me with fraudulent activity from my insurance company. The work for the roof replacement was based on accurate measurements that Tag Roofing and their sattelite service provided. My insurance provider (one of the big companies) decided to approve the work based on those measurements but them when it came time to pay up they said the measurements were wrong. How can a company approve a supplement based on measurements and then renege on it after the work was done? Brian assured me that this was wrong and worked with me every step of the way. It took 6 months of calling and negotiating and corresponding to get the insurance company to honor a SIGNED supplement of work!!! Most companies would have cut their losses and demanded the money for their work but Tag Roofing stood with me even when we had to hire a public adjuster to negotiate with the insurance company. The public adjuster finally worked it out and got us the money and then got them to admit that Tag Roofing's measurements were right all along.  In the end, their patience kept me from having to pay several THOUSAND $$$$ out of my own pocket. And the roof looks great!

-Holden 301

Pete and Mike were both very helpful when walking me through the insurance process. They took the time to make sure that I understood the project from start to finish.
Their crew showed up at 8 am as promised and had the roof completed and the yard cleaned up by 5:15. I have a 3100 sq. ft home, with a very steep roof, so the time to complete the job was impressive. I would recommend TAG Roofing to everyone.

-Norman Andrighetti

Tag Roofing: “Professionals, Courteous and Reliable". Twice I was denied by my house insurance company on fixing the roof. TAG came and said, “We can get it done". Although skeptical, they not only got it done, but got more stuff fixed than what I expected. They knew my expectations, but far exceeded that! Brian and Albert were great! They worked with the insurance company and I didn't have to do anything. They took care of it. The job was done quick but very clean. I literally found no debris or nails after the job was done. That was exceptional! My neighbor was so impressed with them, he got his roof replaced as well. I wouldn't hesitate to use them or refer them! They are 100% guarantee great team!

-Abraham Garcia

I had several rooftops on my property needing repair from hail damage. Naturally, with all insurance claims and adjusters, there is a lot of paperwork, visits and communication required to get to that final adjustment to be sure what I needed to be covered were taken care of. TAG,s experience and knowledge of the situation came in handy for me. This was my first ever insurance claim of this magnitude so I was almost completely lost. I was so thankful for Tag taking care of the matter and persistent with the insurance company who seemed to have delays at times and constant adjuster and claim representatives constantly changing which seemed to be almost weekly. I would get an email from a different representative and TAG was on top of it with calling them. The work was fabulous and everything they said they would do they did.

-Adam Whitfield

Garth came highly recommended from a neighbor after we had hail damage on both our houses in a 2-mile radius.  Garth and his team were very professional, kept the work construction clean and replaced both roofs on our houses in timely and good workmanship. Fast forward 1 year, there was a leak by the chimney caused by high winds and Garth answered his my call on his VACATION!!  Sent his right-hand man the next day and got the roof, drywall, and paint repaired!  Customer service at its finest!  Garth is honest and takes the time to explain the insurance and repair processes.  He really knows the ins and outs of the insurance processes and got my second house roof replaced after setting up an appeal (and was successful) with my insurance carrier.  Highly recommended!

-Doris Chow

Outstanding quality and service! I didn’t notice any shortcuts with these guys! Very professional and courteous. Albert stops by to look at the damage, I call the insurance, Alberts meets the adjuster. The adjuster hands me a check and Tag Roofing wants no money up front! They stripped my roof in the morning making minimal mess by carrying the waste directly to the trailer. They will have the majority of the work completed in one day and it’s a 5300 square foot roof!I highly recommend Tag Roofing and Exteriors!

-William Hadley

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