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Cool Roofing- Your Residential Options

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Cool Roofing- Your Residential Options

We hear a lot about how cool roofing options can provide minimized energy use for commercial and flat roof buildings, but most homes are built with medium or steep sloped roofing. Luckily there are cool roof options for these systems as well.


Shingle Options

While standard shingles don’t qualify as cool roofing materials, many shingle manufacturers provide coated shingles which are more reflective and can be cool roof options. These shingles come from the manufacturer precoated since shingles are not recommended for coating.

Metal Roofing

Though some metal fabrications are bare, most of today’s metal roofing options are already pre-coated or painted when they are installed on your home, making them a cool roof solution. These materials are great at reflecting UV rays already, and their reinforced coating provides better thermal relief. Metal sheets or shingles that have not been pre-coated or painted will need to be in order to be considered cool roofing materials.

Tile Roofs

Some roofing tiles are naturally cool roofing materials. These systems provide great ventilation and UV reflection so your energy consumption stays at a minimum. However, some types of tile are not already UV reflective enough to be known as a cool roof material. In this case, the tile will need to be coated for maximum energy savings. A professional can help you identify your ideal tile options.

When it’s time for a new roof on your home, go for a material that keeps saving you money throughout its lifetime. The TAG ROOFING & EXTERIORS roofing team can provide information on each of your cool roofing choices to help you decide on the best solution for your home’s roof. Call us today to get started at (866) 628-9508.

Cool Roofing Provides Lower Energy Use Along With a Smaller Environmental Footprint.

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