Shingle Roofing System


We at TAG Roofing & Exteriors have partnered ourselves with Owens Corning to become one of the nation’s 500 elite Platinum Preferred Contractors.

What does this mean for you?

TAG Roofing & Exteriors is less than 1% of our country’s roofing/general contractors who have obtained and held this elite accolade year after year. Owens Corning invented commercial fiberglass in the 40’s and was the first to create the laminated fiberglass shingle. This means that every other shingle manufacturer has copied what OC invented in the late 70’s. Being part of this elite status has enabled TAG Roofing & Exteriors to bring you the best shingles that the market has to offer.




One of our specialty types is the installation of asphalt shingles. If you are looking for something that resistance hail, we offer the Weatherguard IR impact resistant class 4 asphalt shingle for your roof replacement needs.

Not looking for an upgrade?

Replace your roof with the Oakridge Shingle, a shingle that has proven itself for generations. This product comes with that great architectural design and meets a tight budget.

Worried about high winds?

The Duration shingle with its patented Technology Strip resist winds up to 130 mph., This shingle has proven to weather the high winds of past hurricanes such as Harvey and Rita.

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