Insurance Claims

We encourage you to contact TAG Roofing for a Free roof inspection to assess the damage before calling your insurance carrier and raising a claim. A trained and experienced project manager will come out and perform a comprehensive digital analysis on your roof structure and show you what damage is found or let you know if no damage is visible.



Our certified experts have assisted thousands of homeowners and business owners with claims over the years.

Once you see the damage first hand, our team member will assist you in calling your insurance carrier and raising a claim. Often time the carrier has questions about the roof, materials, and damage that the homeowner is unable to answer.

That’s just one reason we are there to help in the process to speed up the claim. Insurance companies are usually pretty good about covering damage, however, if for some reason your carrier is not wanting to cover the costs of the damages, we can also assist you in the proper next steps to get you the roof you deserve.

It’s important to realize, TAG is advocating for you, the homeowner or business owner! The carrier and adjuster they send to inspect your roof are advocating for the insurance company.


We require a Customer Protection Form (CPF) to be signed by the homeowner or business owner prior to assisting you with your claim, meeting the adjuster or working with your insurance carrier. This CPF protects the homeowner or business owner and clearly outlines that if TAG Roofing CANNOT get your roof bought by the insurance carrier you are NOT liable to TAG monetarily. The CPF also protects TAG. It means that you as the homeowner or business owner allow TAG to work with your carrier and if we indeed get your roof bought by the insurance carrier that the work is ours. We are sure you don’t work for free, and neither do we at TAG.

We will put forth every effort to get your roof bought by the insurance carrier and go above and beyond when needed to get you the roof you deserve.   Our project managers are always professional and straight forward with the homeowner, business owner and your insurance carrier during the entire process. Call us today to find out what sets TAG Roofing apart from other roofing companies!

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