Professional Roof Inspection In Georgetown, Texas


Our qualified team performs hundreds of FREE residential roof inspections per week. Our inspections consist of a thorough recorded digital analysis from the roof, to the exterior elevations and even the attic of your home. During this analysis, we will look for damage to your roof, vents, gutters, windows, siding, fencing and even personal property that may reside outside of your home. Furthermore, we will use infrared imaging, UV light, and moisture detection technology to find areas that may be unknowingly saturated in or around your property. All our specialists carry a three-foot flexible endoscope to detect and record damage that may be under your shingles or behind flashings not viewable to the naked eye.

As your Platinum Preferred residential roof contractor, your complete digital analysis will be made accessible to you in a high definition video format. Our philosophy is that homeowners should be able to see the damage that we discover. This analysis gives you as the owner, the best information to make an informed decision on the future of your property.

If we do find storm-driven openings or leaks, we offer mitigation services that will prevent further damages to your assets until our team resolves the problem.



Do you know the condition your roof is in? It’s free to find out. As your preferred roof inspection contractor, TAG Roofing & Exteriors will inspect your roof anytime you have questions or concerns about the structural nature of your roof. There are specific times when you should call for a residential roof inspection on your property. The most common time would be right after a severe windstorm, or hail storm.  Another time homeowners should get inspections is when you are selling your property or looking to buy a property. Both of which, you need a roof inspection contractor to determine your roof is structurally sound or if there are weakened areas from hail or wind that may result in major interior damage to your home if it goes unaddressed.


We do not work for your insurance company, we work for YOU. Our highly trained specialists will provide a free residential roof inspection to assess any storm-related damages as well as normal wear and tear.

Call us today to record your FREE digital analysis!

“TAG Roofing by far the best value roofing company in the area. A reliable company you can trust to provide you the best roofing solution catered to your needs. They will complete the job on time by exceeding all expectations. TAG uses the highest grade of material, skilled labor and their staff were the most knowledgeable out of the many companies I interviewed. TAG Roofing provides a personal touch."

 Charles Gonzales

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