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Single-Ply Roof Systems

When we speak about single ply roofing systems, we are referring to a sheet of either Thermoplastic Polyolefin – “TPO”, Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomer – “EPDM” or polymerizing vinyl chloride – “PVC”.  We abbreviate them because their full name is so hard to pronounce.  As our certified installers lay these materials down, they hot weld them to one another to create a membrane or one-whole piece of material.  These commercial roofing systems are made for a flatter substrate or a “low sloping roof”.  This is designed so that water can lay on them without leaking and causing damage.  

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Another great thing about these types of commercial roofing systems are that we can install as many isolation boards under the membrane as you desire which bring the R-Value up and lower the energy costs of the building under it. 

Moreover, these boards can be purchased with a built-in taper (pitch) on the top side of them and completely flat bottom. This allows us to lay over a flat substrate and make your previous flat roof into one that has a pitch and will move water to a drain or a gutter. 

Single ply roofs are tough against the elements but not against HVAC techs or any other maintenance person dropping tools on them. This causes mechanical damage to the membrane and of course leaks. If you have anything on your roof that requires maintenance, someone should always accompany the tech onto the roof to ensure no damage is inadvertently caused.


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