Commercial Roofing

As your certified and licensed commercial roofing contractor, we have aligned ourselves with only the best when it comes to commercial material manufacturers. McElroy Metals and Mule-Hide Products has certified TAG Roofing to provide a full range of commercial roofing systems.

This allows us to offer the best in commercial roofing inspections, repairs replacements, and our TAG preventative maintenance service program for your property. We set the highest standards for quality, workmanship, and adhere to industry standards and specifications with our installation practices.


Your commercial building is not immune to the elements. Because commercial and industrial roofs are affected during hail and windstorms in the same way as residential roofs, TAG Roofing has a dedicated division to handle those bigger projects. We are proud to offer a free comprehensive digital analysis of your roof to enable you as the property manager or owner to make an informed decision when it comes to your roof’s longevity. Based on those comprehensive evaluations and our many years of experience, we will recommend the next steps for you to ensure the safety of your property.

In the event of storm damage, you may be looking at significant repairs. If the damage from wind or hail if a factor in your commercial roof repair or replacement, your insurance carrier may send out an adjuster to examine the need. Our certified project managers are trained to assist you in the claims process if needed and through every step of your project

When you need quality commercial or industrial roofing help, contact the professionals at TAG Roofing & Exteriors!

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