Modified Bitumen/Build Up System

Build up roofing systems or BUR roofs have been around for a long time.

This type of roof uses three or more layers of materials, one being hot tar, to create a watertight barrier.  This was and still is, in some areas of the country a very labor intensive and dangerous way to roof commercial buildings.  Since the advent of the modified bitumen roofing system, or what is known “torch down” roofing.  Some of my counterparts have adopted this more cost effective and much less dangerous way to get the same results.

This first type, two-step process that involves rolling out a base sheet of material over the substrate and then following that step with a roll of cap sheet on top of the base sheet.  Unfortunately, this process isn’t without its degree of dangers either.  A torch connected to a propane tank is used to heat the material up while installing each layer.  This asphalt melting technique is used to promote the watertight bond with this type of roofing.



TAG Roofing & Exteriors only uses the latest and most modern type of modified roofing applications. The material’s in this process are not cost-effective to TAG however, they are the safest, quickest and the best way to install a modified roofing system.

This system is great because we use the same two-step process as the later, however, the two sheets are self-adhering and do not need fire to make a bond. Because we are certified with both Owens Corning and Mule-Hide Products we can offer either manufacturer to you with a warranty through the manufacturer of choice.

These systems should be maintained with an annual service agreement so that the integrity of them will be known to the owner as they are systems that are not designed to last more than about 15 years.

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