Metal Roof Systems

There is a multitude of commercial metal roofing systems that have been designed and mass produced over the years.  The most common type that you see today is either a paneled metal roof or a standing seam metal roofing system.

Believe it or not, one of the first metal roofs installed was by the Romans using copper in 27 B.C. to cover the very popular building called the Pantheons.  Obviously, we have come a long way since then with our technology when it comes to metal coverings.  The paneled metal roof comes in different profiles such as “R panel” or “U panel”.  They are named for the way we see their profile design.  If you look at the profile of an R paneled roof, the design of the metal look very similar to an “R”.  Paneled roofs look nice but unfortunately require routine roofing service and maintenance.  This is because they have what we call exposed fasteners.  These are screws that hold the panels to the substrate underneath.  Because the heads and polymer washers connected to the shaft of the screws are exposed to the harmful elements, they often must be re-screwed due to leaking from deterioration of the washer.  This is a process where we take off all the old screws on your roof and replace them with a larger diameter screw.  The screw must be larger in girth to hold the panel, but more importantly to obtain a greater purchase to the wood since a hole has already been made.



Another very common metal roofing system is called a standing seam metal roof. These roofs often get mistaken for their cousin, the Texas 5 V metal roof. However, the 5 V metal roof is another type of paneled roof and just looks similar from afar.

Commercial standing seam roofs are the best solution because it is very service and maintenance free throughout its long lifetime. The reason for this has to do with the way we install them. You see, standing seam roofing systems have fasteners too, but they are all hidden under the metal. The seams formed on these roofs on site are designed to butt up against each other and get mechanically crimped together. This leaves not only a great look of your choosing but also a weather resistant roof that will last for generations without any service or maintenance to speak of.

Lastly, TAG offers stone coated steel roofing systems. We use manufacturers such as Gerard and Decra to install a beautiful metal roof. These metal roof solutions are stamped out by the manufacturer to mimic barrel vault “Italian” tile, wood cedar shakes or even your everyday asphalt shingle. After each piece is stamped, they are coated with stone chips and attached with an acrylic film. Like standing seam metal roofs, stone coated steel roofing systems are considered in the class 4 impact resistant category.

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