Storm Damage Repair

High winds and hail can severely damage all types of roofs. Because most home and business owners are on a Replacement Cost Value (RCV) insurance policy, your carrier will replace the damage caused by wind or hail damaged the roof and other structures on that dwelling.

Moreover, these types of perils are considered an act of God, thus insurance carriers are not allowed to raise your insurance rates individually, because of a claim made for your property. Unfortunately, they have a loophole, but it’s not unreasonable.



They raise every one of their policyholders’ premiums after an event by a very small amount in the region of the storm.  1% to 2% of your annual premium is usually what it comes out to which usually equates to ten to twenty dollars annually. All carriers will do this whether you make a claim or not even affected. So, if you have a question about a storm that just came through your area, you should not hesitate to call TAG Roofing & Exteriors!

If we assist you throughout the claims process and if your carrier determines that you do not have damage, you will at least have the inspection on record with your carrier so that if a problem does arise down the road, they will consider all the circumstances.


"Highly recommend Garth and his team. They replaced my hail damaged roof with excellent quality and service. Garth helped me all the way though the process from dealing with the insurance adjuster to the finished product. Garth is a great guy and I would use him again."

– Phil Hedlund


"Wonderful experience with TAG Roofing & Exteriors. Garth walked us through the whole process, took care of the insurance piece, and was great about answering all of our questions. His crew was on time and did the job in one day. They cleaned up and were very professional and courteous. Couldn't have asked for a better experience!"

– Denice Neason

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