Metal Roofing System

TAG Roofing and Exteriors offers a wide range of durable, low-maintenance metal roofing options to match your needs and the style of your home.

 Metal Roofing Features and Benefits

  • Long lasting (50+ years)
  • Fire resistant
  • Energy Efficient
  • Engineered to withstand wind gusts of up to 120 – 140 mph
  • Hail resistant
  • Will not crack or corrode

 At TAG Roofing & Exteriors we install metal roofing options from some of the country’s leading providers.

McElroy Metal

 McElroy Metal engineers multiple metal residential roofing choices designed with either exposed fastener panels or standing seam systems.



Exposed Fastener Panels:




This low profile (3/4”) panel is widely-chosen by homeowners across the country due to its aesthetic appeal and affordable price.


This is a patent and copyright protected low profile panel (3/4”) that cannot be copied by other manufacturers and delivers a distinct appearance that can’t be duplicated using lesser quality materials.


These panels are 24” wide and boast a classic design that adds beauty to any home. 5V is especially popular along coastal areas.

Multi-Cor & M-Cor

Traditional, corrugated roofing panels, Multi-Cor features a ¾ rib height and M-Cor has a ½” rib height.


McElroy’s exclusive version of an industry-standard R-Panel often used in the Southwestern U.S. It features 1 ¼” major ribs and 12 inches on center. This bold profile is distinctive and has an optional Purlin Bearing Leg (PBR)that rests of the sub-structural framing or roof deck to provide support or fastening the panel lap.


This panel features a 1 ¼” major rib and 12 inches on center.


An exposed fastener roof panel with a ¾ (approximate) rib height and 6” on center rib spacing, which offers a lower profile and softer appearance than the R-panel or Multi-Rib.

Standing Seam Systems

Standing seam roof systems, also classified as concealed fastener panels, utilize a series of adjoining panels which are connected by raised seams (or vertical legs). Seam heights vary but are typically 1 to 2 ½ inches tall and allow the panels to snap together without any exposed fasteners. In addition to producing a modern look, standing seam roofs allow panels to expand and contract with changing temperatures, helping them to last longer and cause less wear and tear on the roof deck.  McElroy options include:







This aesthetically pleasing, snap-together, standing seam roof panel that is economical and easy to install. With no need for clips, Meridian panels are simply attached to the roof deck with pancake head fasteners.


Successfully captures the beauty and elegance of a standing seam roof. Adding curb appeal to any home, the narrow 1.75" tall standing seam creates crisp, clean visual lines. Medallion-Lok is an excellent choice for larger, custom homes

Medallion I/Medallion II

These are older models of architectural standing seam systems and utilize separate batten caps that are installed over adjoining roofing panels. Medallion I presents a narrow batten cap while Medallion II features a wider cap. Both Medallion systems are installed over solid decking. These panels are more ideally suited for applications such as eyebrows over windows or other accent installations.


This is a snap-together standing seam system featuring a 1” seam and is installed with concealed clips. Instaloc is designed to be used with solid decking and the low-profile seam makes the panel an excellent option for residential applications.


This family of products represents the industry’s broadest selection of vertical leg standing seam systems and is great option for long coastal areas where high strength and wind resistance is important.

138T & 238T

These systems are classified as symmetrical standing seam systems and offer many advantages over traditional standing seam panels. Due to the symmetrical standing seams, individual panels can easily be removed and replaced in the event of damage.

Sheffield Metals

A cost-effective metal roofing system, Sheffield Metals manufactures corrugated sheets that interlock during installation and are produced from full prime Galvalume®, acrylic-coated Galvalume and aluminum purchased from U.S. domestic mills.

Available in dozens of colors and painted with Sherwin Williams’s Fluropon, a high performance Kynar 500®/Hylar 5000® PVDF resin-based coating that meets most ASTM physical property performance requirements. Custom color matching to accommodate any design.

Galvanized screws with polymer washers are used to fasten down the panels to your home’s decking or batons.

Gerard and Decra Metal Roofing

Maintaining the architectural authenticity of your home is an important detail to consider when choosing a roofing material. TAG Roofing and Exteriors makes it possible to create an accurate look by offering stamped metal roofing systems made by Gerard and Decra.

Available in a variety of genuine colors to create beautiful curb appeal in the following styles:

  • Mediterranean tile
  • Old-world Italian tile
  • Rustic hand-split wood shake
  • Thick-cut shingles
  • Cedar shakes

Contact the TAG Roofing and Exteriors team today to talk about the best metal roofing material for your home.

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