Roof Replacement Services

Your roof, like any part of a home, has an expiration date that can come sooner or later, depending on the hardships it is put through. At TAG ROOFING & EXTERIORS, our experts work diligently to be the roof professionals you can rely on when your roofing needs to be replaced. Unlike most of the amateur contractors in the industry today, our crew is experienced enough to fully complete your roofing replacement extremely quickly. All house repairs seem to appear at inconvenient moments, but roof replacements are typically considered the least convenient. Our contractors are here to help you with the roofing replacement process, so even if your roof mishaps occur at the worst possible time, you have the help you need.

Small or large, our crew will complete any home roofing installation work. Pay attention to the signals of wear and other indicators that your roof could need replacement. If the moment has arrived, contact our team at (866) 628-9508. For all roof replacement in Cedar Park, TX, trust the professionals at TAG ROOFING & EXTERIORS.

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Is it Time for Roof Replacement?

Certain roofing systems walk a fine line between roof replacement or repair. A few missing shingles can simply be fixed, for example. However, too many compromised shingles can showcase a necessity for a complete updated roof. If the immediate longevity of your roof calls up hesitancies, call us now for an inspection. Our professionals will inspect your roof to help you decide whether a replacement is necessary, and provide realistic roofing material options from asphalt shingle choices to metal or tile solutions.

Age: Since age provides one of the clearest indicators of a need for roofing replacement, one should never ignore old age signs. Many shingle roofing systems, for instance, last for around two decades. If you have had your roof for that long, you should at the minimum call for a check-up. Keep in mind, even when the next damaging storm could be its final, an aged roofing system may appear fine to untrained eyes.

Missing or Damaged Shingles: A roof requires replacement when it possesses a great variety of cracked, buckled, curled, or missing shingles. The repair of large numbers of shingles will make your roof seem patchworked. Also, hidden problems with your roof can become signaled through displaced or damaged shingles. Extreme winds can not only displace shingles but also loosen them for the subsequent big weather event.

Water Stains: A roofing system has one main purpose: to keep water out. If you see water stains in your house, your roof has proven unsuccessful. Even when some leaks can get fixed, you should at the very least consider a leaking roof for replacement. Phone our professional team for a check-up right away.

Local Roof Professionals You Can Trust

At TAG ROOFING & EXTERIORS, we stand as the source for roof replacement in Cedar Park, TX and surrounding locales. Should any of the aforementioned signs pertain to your roof, contact our team today at (866) 628-9508. Our team will start the operation of roof replacement now, and save you the trouble of a total roofing failure tomorrow.