Tile Roof Installation

A residence with tile roofing supplies several benefits to the owner. Homeowners derive long-term security and longevity, in addition to a profound visual impression. For tile roofs in Cedar Park, TX, TAG ROOFING & EXTERIORS are the local masters. For all your tile roofing necessities, including replacement and repairs, keep our name in mind.

Our Experts Can Help You Decide if a Tile Roof is Right For Your Home.

A Tile Roof Can Offer Your Home Elegance While Delivering Unbeatable Protection.

As a more durable and dimensional selection than asphalt or even premium shingles, tile can provide a touch of style to a large variety of homes. For an aesthetically striking selection with even greater longevity, consider concrete tiles. Give our team a ring today at (866) 628-9508 if you are interested in tile roofing for Cedar Park, TX.

Tile Roofing Benefits

Among residential roofing, tile has supplied a consistently in-demand choice. If you wonder the explanation, remember that tile offers both comeliness and a high degree of longevity. A clarification of different advantages could help you settle whether or not to invest in a tile roof for your own home. To learn all the benefits that tile roofing can have for your Cedar Park, TX home, call our expert roofing team at (866) 628-9508.

Long-Term Performance: The life of tile far outstrips that of comparable items like asphalt shingles. As a matter of fact, the lifespan for tile roofing can last from 60 to 100 years with regular service. New tile roofs have become suitable for most regions, thanks to built-in water shedding and ventilation abilities.

Variety: If you desire lots of style options, tile roofs, and concrete tile in particular, has a almost limitless selection of styles. In addition to their suitability for Spanish and Mediterranean architecture, tiles can get produced to evoke additional styles of tile.

Weather-Resistant: Another plus of tiles comes from their high amount of resistance to bad weather and high winds. If placed rightly, tile roofing can withstand winds that approach 150 mph. Less frequent repairs mean that tile roofs will actually conserve resources over the decades.

Color Maintenance: It’s common for several varieties of roofs to seem faded way before their usefulness expires. Coloration based on natural sources such as iron oxides or the clay mixture provide the color of tile roofing. Thanks to this, your residence will continue to appear sharp thanks to longstanding coloration on your roofing.

Call for Cedar Park, TX Tile Roof Installation

Your home deserves a roof that provides protection and beauty. Let our professionals provide you with a tile roof that not only looks flawless but provides unrivaled protection for years. To schedule service or installation, or merely to find out more about tile roofing, contact us now at (866) 628-9508. You can trust in our team’s unparalleled service for a roofing system that will stand the test of time. In Cedar Park, TX, go with TAG ROOFING & EXTERIORS for any requirements with tile roofing systems.