Stone Coated Steel Roof Installation Services

The overall look of a metal roof is normally the main worry for our clients who are home and business owners. While many clients enjoy the modern appeal of metal roofing, other clients desire a more traditional appearance of tile or shingles that may have the same benefits of a higher quality material. Fortuitously, there is an option available that provides you the best of both worlds: a stone coated steel roof. To gain more information about stone coated steel roofing in Cedar Park, TX call us at (866) 628-9508. Our roofing authorities at TAG ROOFING & EXTERIORS have years of experience and we are happy to help you!

The Benefits of a Stone Coated Steel Roof

Our Professioanls Can Help You Choose the Best Look for Your Home.

Your Stone Coated Steel Roof Can Resemble Tile, Slate, Wood, and Even Shingles for the Exact Look You Want.

There isn’t a doubt that you’ve already heard about the many advantages that come along with the installation of a metal roof to your property. Metal roofs provide superior strength, extensive life expectancy, great durability, and significant energy efficiency. A stone coated steel roof gives you all of these benefits but also has the additional benefit of imitating the look of traditional shingle or tile roofs. The intricate methods of placing small stone chips atop metal roofing material provide us with the ability to make lightweight panels and style it to emulate conventional residential roofing styles.

Stone Coated Steel Roofing Professionals

Our professionals understand that roof installation or replacement is a stressful and overwhelming process for most. We provide a detailed explanation of your material options including benefits, lifespan, and cost to ensure you are able to make an educated decision for your home. We discuss all of your options such as styles, tints, and textures so you can rest assured that your home has a completely individual look. Get started on the roof of your dreams by calling our experts at (866) 628-9508.

As with any superior roofing material, you can expect the upfront price to be more expensive than a shingle roof. You should keep in mind, the stone coated steel can easily pay for itself through the extra benefits that it provides your home. Because of the extended durability and resistance, you ultimately save on maintenance and repair costs. Don’t overlook the money you’re saving on heating and cooling bills. Do you have more questions about whether you should upgrade to a stone coated steel roof in Cedar Park, TX? Call us at (866) 628-9508. The TAG ROOFING & EXTERIORS team is fully certified, insured, and willing to assist you!