Standing Seam Metal Roofing Services

When it comes to a durable roofing system for your home or business, possessing a roof that is sturdy enough to survive through storms and turbulent weather is required. Many roofs on buildings today use common roof materials, such as asphalt shingles or synthetic tiles, that need added maintenance and repair costs. TAG ROOFING & EXTERIORS provides an assortment of metal roof types including standing metal seam roofs, a popular metal roof option for homes and businesses. For more information on standing seam metal roof installation in Cedar Park, TX, call our local team of roofers now by calling (866) 628-9508.

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Benefits of Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing seam metal is installed with vertical panels that lock together to make a weather-tight seal for extra protection. Standing seam roofs are also customizable to set your home apart as well as being UV ray deflectant, keeping your house cooler. If you need a quality roof that offers energy savings benefits, an extended lifespan, and little in the way of maintenance needs, standing seam metal roofs are an excellent option. Installing a metal roof on your home or business can lead to additional benefits ranging from reduced insurance rates and even tax breaks.

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Although a standing seam metal roof might have a higher installation cost compared to common roofing options, it is agreed upon that these roofs are less expensive long-term. You can expect a metal roof to last 20 years more than almost all traditional roof structures and to dedicate less time for maintenance requirements as well. Not to mention, the stability of the roof means you have extra security against the elements and natural disasters. When you would like standing seam metal roofing installation in Cedar Park, TX, just contact the team at TAG ROOFING & EXTERIORS by phone (866) 628-9508 for reliable installation you can can count on. You can depend on the pros at TAG ROOFING & EXTERIORS for superior work and a dependable roof that holds up for years. Contact us now to begin your new roof!