Reliable Infrared Roof Inspection

If you take care of a commercial structure, knowing the condition of your roof is extremely important. Traditionally, flat roof inspections have been performed by a roofer walking around on the roof and telling which parts of the roof seem weak. Now, with the push of a button, contractors can look at your entire roof with more accuracy than ever before. If you are ready to discover what’s happening on your roof, give us a call now to set up an infrared roof inspection in Cedar Park, TX. Contact us now at (866) 628-9508 if you would like to discover more, or if you’re looking to schedule an appointment for your roof system!

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Non-Invasive Infrared leak Detection Allows Our Team to Locate and Identify Leaks Without Damaging Your Roof.

Infrared Roof Leak Detection

Let us go over the ins and outs of a typical infrared roof inspection. This technology allows us to pinpoint weak areas in your roof, as well as map out any moisture buildup on your roof to determine which places on your roof could have a serious problem in the future and should be repaired. Another great benefit is that infrared roof leak scans can immensely lower the price of your roofing repairs and replacements. As a non-invasive solution, infrared technology also does not cause any wear and tear on your roof system. This means that we will be able to repair your roof system before there is major damage to the roofing or the building underneath. This method also clearly displays the level of the damages in question, so with it, you can determine for yourself if a roofing replacement is the best solution for your roof.

Affordable Infrared Roof Moisture Scans

If you’re purchasing a new building, you might additionally want to look at our services so that you can make sure the roofing you are about to purchase is in great condition as well. We provide infrared roof leak survey services to ensure you’re fully aware of any damages on the roofing, in addition to any areas that might be vulnerable to damage in the near future. Call our professionals today at (866) 628-9508 if you’d like to discover more about our services like infrared roof leak detection. If you’re looking for infrared roof inspection in Cedar Park, TX, don’t look any further than the qualified experts at TAG ROOFING & EXTERIORS.